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    Sticker Shock

    I know that I ultimately should not be surprised. It was bound to happen sometime. Still, it caught me a little off guard. It also tells you how little I actually drive these days. I went to the doctor today (nothing wrong, just a check-up, and my blood pressure was only 128/80, which is really good for me!), and I noticed on the way that my car had less than a quarter of a tank left. We’ll ignore the fact that I was in my car to begin with. It’s the only one with a car seat, so I should have driven DH’s car, but I didn’t think of it…

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    Puddles and oceans

    As I was listening to one of my favorite songs on the way home yesterday, it occurred to me that people reading my blog probably think I'm fairly shallow. I haven't talked about anything heavy or deep so far, and I've kept my religious views to myself. But I do think about things a lot, both frivolous and deep.

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    Dream a little dream….

    Actually, I'd settle for a little dream. I've been having too many big ones lately, and they are not leaving me very rested.

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