101 Things v3 - 2011 to 2014

101 Things in 1001 Days – Version 3: First Quarter Update

The first 25(ish) percent of my 1001 days (technically 254 days) have passed on my 101 Things Version 3 list. Thought I should give a quick update. I have 9 items complete so far:

22. Find a barbecue sauce I like (bottled or homemade). – Sweet Baby Ray’s
33. Acquire 5 new kitchen tools.
50. Find a good method/location for storing bulk items.
62. Reduce total number of feeds on Google Reader by 20%. – reduced by 55%
74. Have family portraits made with parents and brother.
76. Visit Ikea.
77. Visit Trader Joe’s.
83. Accept an invitation I would normally turn down.
87. Read An Echo In the Bone, by Diana Gabaldon

There are also a couple of items that are nearly complete and are virtually assured of happening:

86. See 50 new to me movies – lacking only a foreign language film
15. Use the crock pot 15 times. – 10 so far

This handful is in very good shape and should complete without much difficulty (famous last words, right?):

13. Try 101 new recipes – 36 so far
16. Add 5 new meals to the rotation. – 2 so far, plus a couple of good candidates
42. Meal plan every week when home. – 31 out of 37 weeks = 84% success so far
43. Track coupon savings weekly. – $110.50 saved so far 
44. Trash expired coupons monthly. – 100% so far 
45. Track Costco savings (every trip, roughly monthly). – $95.10 saved so far
57. “Watermark” all blog photos going forward. – 100% so far
66. Continue with Wordless Wednesday on my blog. – 100% so far
67. Take a picture of Luke once a week (different from Wordless Wednesday). – 100% through May
75. Do Project 365 again (photo a day for a year). – fell apart some at end of May, but doing fairly well
79. Try 10 new restaurants. – 5 so far

Sadly, there are several that simply won’t happen. Once I’ve missed doing over 1/3 of the “over time” items, meaning less than 70% (thus not even passing), there is no way to catch up. I had grand plans, but it is just not in me. There are a few more that are close to falling in this category, but there may yet be home. For sure, though, these are now considered unattainable:

46. Keep a running inventory of the pantry (top and bottom). Verify monthly.
47. Keep a running inventory of the freezer. Verify monthly.
48. Keep a running inventory of the baking cabinets (include flour in refrigerator). Verify monthly.
49. Keep a running inventory of all surplus/bulk items stored elsewhere (including location). Verify monthly.

So, 25% of the time has lapsed, with 22 items complete, nearly complete, or that should complete without issue. Not bad, I guess. Item #100 on the list is to complete more items than I did last time, which was 52. Hopefully doable, though a job would certainly help with a few items (like #36: replacing the overhead den lights). Still, there’s time!

Currently feeling: not doing too badly