Conversations With Luke,  Elementary School

Appetizers: A Conversation With Luke

At Applebee’s for dinner….

[waiter brings our fried cheese stick appetizer]

  • DH: Do you want to try some?
  • Luke: No, thanks.
  • DH: Are you sure?
  • Me: It’s like inside out pizza.
  • Luke: No, I don’t want any.
  • DH: Okay.

[pause a few moments while DH and I start eating]

  • Luke (whining): I’m hungry!
  • Me: They’re cooking your food. They’ll bring it out when it’s done.
  • Luke: But I’m hungry now!
  • DH: Gee, if only they would bring us some food that cooks quickly so we would have something to nibble on while they cook the rest of our food. Wait, look, cheese sticks!
  • Luke: But I don’t like those! I want my chicken.
  • Me: I think you’re missing the point.
  • Luke, No! I’m missing my chicken.