Movie Talk,  MovieMuse Reviews by Erin


In a Nutshell: A fun and entertaining romp, not serious in the slightest, nor is it intended to be. A perfectly pleasant two hours.

Quick Plot: The “semi-true” tale of the legendary lothario and the love of his life.

In Detail: Honestly, there isn’t much to say about this film. It is the perfect “cream puff” of a movie. Light, airy, and sweet, with no meat to it whatsoever. I smiled, I laughed, I enjoyed myself. The settings are lovely, the costumes stunning, and the situations are appropriately ridiculous, with a few witty lines for flavor. And one of my personal favorites, Oliver Platt, is his usual over the top self, even if he is virtually unrecognizable, both physically and vocally. Unless you’re out of films to see, I wouldn’t bother with this one in the theater. It will be just fine on DVD, or better yet, your movie channel of choice. I just wasn’t up for anything heavy that night, and this was the perfect confection of a film to suit my tastes at the time.

Will I Buy It? Doubtful.