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Endeavour – Series 1 and 2

Endeavour – This series was recommended to us by my parents (who are huge fans of British crime procedurals), and they correctly determined that we would enjoy it. You don’t need to have seen Inspector Morse in order to enjoy Endeavour (we never have), though I’m sure we’re missing some nuances and references. For example, I did not know at the time that we watched young Morse climb out on the ledge of a multistory building that original series Inspector Morse is afraid of heights! Can it be a “callback” in a prequel? Would that be a “callforward”? Anyway! Something else I learned: they use the term “series” across the pond, which means the same thing as “season” in the US, so we’re two seasons in out of 9 total. Only 4 episodes per season, but they are 90 minutes each, so it will take some time to get through them all.

It is certainly very British! I know we allegedly all speak the same language, but things can get confusing in some cases between the 1960s slang and the idioms and differences in word usage between the US and UK (“off” heights, first floor is actually upstairs from the ground floor that would be called the first floor in the US, some of the pronunciations are different even if it’s the same word such as vie-tah-min vs vit-ah-min, etc). The first season in particular is, um, very carefully paced in places; many Americans would probably consider it slow, and in all honesty it sometimes is, but it’s usually worth it in the end. It has been a blast seeing a few folks early in their careers since the series started back in 2012, such as a young Anya Taylor-Joy appearing in only her second IMDb credit (her unusual features were very easy to spot, even from 10+ years ago). Fun fact: Never in a million years would I have guessed that Roger Allum (Thursday) can sing! He originated the role of Javert in the English language version of the musical Les Misérables when it premiered in London in 1985, though he did not follow Colm Wilkinson (original London Valjean) to New York for its Broadway debut.

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