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Ferrari (2023) – It’s a very well-made film. Good writing, well acted (Penelope Cruz is the standout, IMO), nicely filmed in some beautiful locations. However, given all the buzz and everything/everyone involved, I was expecting more. It’s a perfectly fine film (not great, but still good), and I can find very little to complain about. Except the accents; there were times it was difficult to understand the dialog due to the (fake) accents being used by most of the actors. Steve said (and I agree) that it would have been better in Italian with subtitles, though I understand that would not really have been possible with these particular actors in the roles. If they were difficult to understand because they were speaking English as a second language and thus had a natural accent (like Penelope Cruz), that’s one thing, but for a native English speaker to use such a heavy accent (and without clear diction) that I was missing dialog, you’ve gone to far.