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If they don’t win, it’s a shame…..

And they didn’t. What a shame. ::sigh:: Another year of watching my Atlanta Braves make it to the playoffs; another year of watching them choke. (Yes, I realize that happened Sunday, not yesterday, but I’m just now coming to terms with my grief. :-p) I gotta admit, it’s getting pretty old. Our problem in past series was that “hitting beats pitching in a short series.” We always had the pitching, just no hitting to back it up. This year, *finally* we have the bats going, and we still lose! What’s up with that? Probably the fact that even with all that offense, we couldn’t score. Plenty of chances, as usual. We could get them on, sometimes we could get them over, but we just couldn’t get them in. Bummer.

So, GO SOX! See, DH and I discovered this amazing talent last year. In August 2002, we made our first ever trip to California. While we were there, we naturally hit Disneyland, but we also caught an Angels game in Anaheim. And what happened? They won the series. This year, we visited Boston for our 5th wedding anniversary (July 4th). Well, being the baseball fans that we are, there was NO way we were going to Boston and not visit Fenway! So we did. It was an interleague game, so we had to watch the Marlins play (bleck!), but it was still fun (and HOT). And what happens? The Red Sox make the playoffs. If they win the whole shebang, we’re going to hire ourselves out to American League teams. “Have us visit your park; win the World Series!” I could handle that line of work. 🙂