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Minority Report

In a Nutshell: Good, but not great. I was expecting more from Cruise/Spielberg.

Quick Plot: Cruise is the head of the experimental “pre-crime” unit in Washington, DC, where three “pre-cognitives” predict murders before they happen. Pre-crime officers then move in an arrest the suspect before the murder has taken place. When Cruise is accused of murdering a man he doesn’t even know, he becomes the hunted and must find the flaw in the system before they get him.

In Detail: I guess this film was just not quite what I was expecting. Not really sure what I was expecting, but this wasn’t really it. There were no traces of Spielberg’s trademark humor. A couple of smiles, one small chuckle, and that’s it! The rest is all action and drama. Seeing as it’s based on a Phillip K. Dick story, the same guy who wrote the book that Blade Runner is based on, it’s not surprising it has much the same tone and feel. And you know that sort-of whitewashed look all the previews have had? The entire film is that way. I thought it might be used for some parts to make a point, thematically or tonally, but it is present is some way throughout the film. It does get stronger or weaker, but it is always there. Another “good but I’m not sure I liked it” film. Definitely worth seeing, though. A little icky in some places (not blood and guts, but other squeamish things), NOT a movie for kids without parental preview, IMO.

Will I Buy It? I don’t think so.

UPDATE 10-30-2023: Over time, this has actually become one of my favorite films, both for Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg. These days, if I find it on, I’ll watch it. I don’t know if dystopian future becomes more appealing (or just more realistic, sadly) over time or what. Still don’t like the tub scene and all that precedes it (if you know, you know), but otherwise, it’s pretty great.