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Miracles do happen (or, I saw The Incredibles last night)

Yes, believe it or not, DH and I went to the movies last night, baby and all! First time (besides going to the Fox for the summer film festival) since mid-July. Oh, I have missed it so!!! Since DH was off today, we decided to try the last showing of The Incredibles with Luke, hoping (quite frankly) that no one else would be there. One other couple did show up, but that was it. I saw all of the previews (including Star Wars Episode III), missed the Pixar short (thank you, starving baby), and got to see all of the movie (thank you, wonderful DH who fed and walked him at the 30 minute mark).

And it was so worth it! The Incredibles is just that, an incredible film. I enjoyed it so much (and no, not just because it’s the first new movie I’ve seen since August). It truly was an excellent movie, in and of itself. Add in amazing visuals, great homages to other action hero and spy-type films, and some fabulous humor, and you have one fantastic flick. GO SEE IT!!! Full Movie Musings here.