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Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2

In a Nutshell: Definitely worth seeing. Most of the individual elements were better, but the editing/pacing was way off, which detracted greatly.

Quick Plot: When Peter’s idol becomes fused to four robotic arms, mayhem abounds. The situation is complicated by Peter’s struggle with the choice of pursuing MJ or continuing as Spidey.

In Detail: Okay, so that was a sorry plot summary. Please forgive me. It’s just rather hard to sum up well. First, let me say that the opening credits are awesome! I really really liked them. As I mentioned, most of the individual film elements were better than the original. The whole film was visually more stunning, with better (and less obvious, which is always better!) special effects. I liked the layout of the love story better (not great, but better), I liked the villain better (I could relate to him and feel sympathy for him). But the pacing of the film and the weaving together of the story elements (love story, humor elements, to Spidey or not to Spidey, Harry, Doc Ock) were TERRIBLE!!! How can a film where all the piece parts were better still feel unsatisfying? And how can a movie with such great action sequences feel slow? So I’m feeling rather conflicted about the film. I’d definitely rank it above the first Spidey (which I don’t love), but probably below X-Men (both of them). Definitely worth seeing, but a little unsatisfying in the end (unless you go prepared, which I’m hoping this review will accomplish).

Will I Buy It? Probably. It’s mainly up to DH. I do think I’d be more likely to watch this one more than the previous one (I just love Alfred Molina!).