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    Fall 2023 Preview

    It's not uncommon for this to happen, but post-August/pre-November pickings are pretty slim at the theater, unless you like horror. (I do not partake; I need sleep!) But there are a few that I'm looking forward to.

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    The Marvels: What Other MCU Titles Should You Watch First?

    A friend on Facebook posted the collage graphic below earlier this week. Note the original source is The Direct > MCU. The only ones I have missed are Werewolf By Night (probably too scary for me), the Groot shorts (just haven’t had the time), and the Guardians Holiday Special (which, it turns out, should be watched BEFORE Guardians Vol 3, or a few bits of dialog will be like “whoa, wait, what?!”). I will also note that the second small image within this one is actually for the Agent Carter – Marvel One Shot (short), not for the series, which is technically missing from the list, as is Agents of…

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    So in case you haven't seen Captain Marvel, the "star of the show" (kidding, sort of) is Goose. Yes, Goose, as in Maverick's rio from Top Gun. (Y'all got that reference, right?) Now, most people think that Goose is a normal Earth feline, but nope. According to the movie, Goose is:

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