We may be out of luck

For everyone who has been asking me how big I am, I’m HUGE!!! Allow me to show you:

Well, we’ve been extremely lucky and blessed for 37 weeks, but it looks like our baby luck may have finally run out. Standard disclaimer: no one panic! The doctor is not alarmed, just concerned, saying that “it bears watching.” So far, things are still fine. However, I have several factors which show me as borderline for preeclampsia. I had some blood drawn today; should get those results back tomorrow. Assuming that comes back okay, I will be allowed to stay home over the weekend, albeit on all but bed rest. I will then go back to the doctor on Tuesday, and I will probably be going twice a week from then on to have my weight, urine, and blood pressure checked (these are three of the major indicators). Apparently, I am standing right on the line between okay and not. If they can keep me stable at my current levels, they will let me continued as is, at least to my due date, which has been revised to October 2. If I cross said line on any factor between now and my due date, I will have to go into the hospital to be monitored and potentially have labor induced. Fun. So, be thinking of us.