101 Things v2 - 2009 to 2011

101 Things – About the light bulb

This is in defense of item #79. “Change foyer light bulb and/or fixture.” I’m sure that raises a few eyebrows. I feel compelled to explain that the light in the foyer is, quite literally, suspended in mid air. Over 11 feet in the air, actually, and that’s just to the very bottom of the globe. Observe:

I took that photo standing on the top landing of our stairs. And no, we we cannot use one of those extendable light bulb changer things. Why? Because the fixture hangs from a chain and cord only, thus it is not held stationary by a pole or other mounting. And to complicate matters further, the globe is fully enclosed and held at the top by three little screws that must be unscrewed by hand! Only then can you remove the globe, change the bulb, and screw the globe back on. (Please excuse the dust. If we can’t change the bulb easily, you can imagine what it is like to try and clean up there.)

All requiring probably a 12-foot ladder that we don’t own! And even if we can rent the right ladder, I have no idea how we would get it home to use it, seeing as we drive a Toyota Camry and Kia Sephia. Might have to wait for my brother and his truck to come visit. Either that or rent a truck as well, and by that point, we probably could have hired an electrician to just change the darn thing. Whoever designed (much less chose to install) this thing should be shot! It’s been out for at least six months now, probably longer. Obviously, we *can* live without it, but it is really annoying sometimes, and it really does need to be changed before we put the house on the market (whenever that may be). And yes, we intend to install the longest lasting bulb we can think of (suggestions?). So I know it seems plain and simple and silly when you read it, but it really is quite a tricky undertaking.

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  • Anonymous

    Oh no! You’re right, that’s quite the dilemma. I’d probably leave it for ages as well.

    I suggest when you manage it, change the globe to a CFL type (Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb) – we have some in our house which have lasted years (we brought them with us from our last rental, in fact).

    Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    LOL Honestly, seeing lightbulb changing on your list didn’t even phase me, knowing how things go in this house! Good luck with it.

  • Jenny

    I understand completely. We have the same situation in our foyer. Not the exact same fixture, but equally hard to change out the bulb. So far the bulb that was there when we bought the house has lasted, and we are on the market now and crossing our fingers it doesn’t go out before we sell. LOL

  • Anonymous

    Actually, you can get LED lightbulbs now that will last nearly forever, but as they cost around $15-20, you probably don’t want to go that route, especially if you are planning on selling the house. However, we have had the experience of CFL lights going out much quicker than normal light bulbs in a completely enclosed fixture such as that one (they get too hot.) So maybe it would be worth a try.

  • Anonymous

    Well, as an update, DH and I were in Sam’s Club last night and bought 2 led lights for $15, so looks like they’re not quite so expensive after all.