101 Things v1 - 2006 to 2008

101 Things in 1001 Days – The Final Verdict

Here it is, the final update on a journey that started way back in April of 2006. I didn’t do so well, but I didn’t do so badly either. I could have cranked out 6-7 more in December if I’d worked at it, but there were other things that needed my attention, so I let them go.

The updated original list is below and shows the completed items. The final word: 46 out of 101 items complete. That’s not quite half. Ah well. Perhaps I’ll do better on the next one. Look for Version 2.0 to be posted January 1, 2009. Appropriate, no? If it weren’t for the timing of when this one ended (December 27, 2008), I would never do something so cliche, but it’s just too easy.

101 Things in 1001 Days

Last Updated: December 29, 2008

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

Begin Date: April 1, 2006
End Date: December 27, 2008
Time Remaining: 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes

Items Completed: 46 out of 101
Check   indicates a completed item


1. See a dermatologist to have my moles checked.
Check   2. Take a multivitamin every day for 30 consecutive days (hopefully becoming a habit after that). Completed April 2, 2006 to May 1, 2006
3. Give blood.
4. Don’t eat “fast food” (McD’s, Wendy’s, etc) for 30 days.
5. Try at least one new recipe per month.
6. Learn to make a pork dish.
7. Learn to make a fish dish.
Check  8. Learn to make a shrimp dish. Completed December 2008
9. Learn to make cheesecake (using a springform pan and everything).
10. Learn to make something involving yeast (I have never had a yeast recipe turn out correctly).
11. Learn to make something involving kneading (I have no idea how to knead).
Check   12. Learn some CSS. Completed April 2-5, 2006
13. Revamp my website (changing the graphics *does* count).
Check   14. Revamp my blog template (just changing the graphics does *not* count). Completed April 6, 2006
Check   15. Rejoin the workforce (or try; whether or not I get hired isn’t necessarily up to me). Completed August 21, 2006
16. Start going to church again (defined: attend services 3 Sundays a month for 3 consecutive months).
17. Attend a Catholic mass (I am Protestant, but I’ve always wanted to go to Mass).
Check   18. Stop cussing; I’m really not bad, but I tend to cuss while driving, and Luke is usually with me (defined: no cussing for 30 days). Complete July 2008
Check   19. Call Connie (my best friend) every 6 months. Complete
20. Call Sandy (a friend I greatly miss seeing) every 6 months and try to plan a time to get together.
Check   21. Post comments to at least 3 blogs each week (barring out of town trips, power or computer failure, or a truly serious life issue). Complte
Check   22. Blog at least twice each week (barring out of town trips, power or computer failure, or a truly serious life issue). Complete
Check   23. Send at least one RAK, even if just a card, every 3 months. Complete
Check   24. Have our friends over at least once a year. Complete
Check  25. Go out by myself once a month. Complete
26. Get a pedicure.
27. Get a “real” haircut and style.
Check   28. Buy new undergarments (my current ones are ancient). Completed August 2006 (various dates)
29. Wear jewelry once a month (besides the earrings and wedding band that I *always* wear).
30. Primp for a date with DH once every 3 months, including make-up.
Check   31. Find a new shade of lipstick I like (currently only 2 I like, and I’ve been wearing them for years). Completed January 2008


32. Move to a better school district, or have a firm plan in place to do so.
Check   33. Have new family portraits made. Completed November 2006
Check   34. Print some photos of Luke and put them in an album (currently, they’re all digital only). Completed 2006 (printed scrapping layouts)
35. Go on vacation with my whole family (husband, child, parents, brother).
Check   36. Get away with my husband, just the two of us, once a year. Complete
Check  37. Use the china and crystal at least once a year. Complete
Check   38. Decide if or when we want another baby. Complete
39. Make a will.
40. Bug my family (husband, parents, brother) until each person also has a will.
41. Have DH’s cousin and family over for dinner.
Check   42. Visit BIL at his new house (whenever it gets finished being built). Completed March 3, 2007
Check  43. Decorate Luke’s room when he moves to a “big boy bed.” Completed October 2008
Check   44. Take Luke to Walt Disney World (he’s already been, but we want him to be old enough to enjoy it). Completed March 15, 2007
Check   45. Take Luke to a baseball game. Completed March 17, 2007
Check   46. Take Luke to the beach (as in down on the sand and water, not just the pier or boardwalk). Completed May 25, 2007


Check  47. Restore our savings account to the amount we agreed. Completed April 2008
48. Start a Roth IRA.
49. Start a college fund for Luke.
50. Roll over my 401(k).
Check  51. Buy a new vacuum. Completed June 2, 2006
Check   52. Buy new dining room chairs (and maybe a table). Completed December 22, 2007
Check  53. Buy a new mixer (preferably a stand mixer, but a new hand mixer would be fine). Completed October 2008
Check   54. Replace my ruby earrings (I recently lost one). Completed August 19, 2006
55. Start taking the Sunday paper and using the grocery coupons.


Check   56. Eat Japanese (Hibachi) at least once a year. Complete
57. Go to an NBA game (the only major US pro sport I’m missing; baseball, football, and hockey I’ve done).
58. Go to the symphony (I’ve never been; I know, it’s sad).
59. Attend a cultural event at least once a year (symphony, opera, ballet, theater, etc).
60. Visit the farmer’s market every 3 months.
61. Visit a museum once a year.
62. Visit an Asian market.
Check   63. Go to the Georgia Renaissance Festival. Completed May 6, 2006
Check   64. Go to the Georgia Aquarium. Completed November 12, 2007
65. Visit Arizona.
66. Visit Texas again.
Check   67. Visit another country (Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Europe, Australia, doesn’t matter). Completed October 19, 2006
68. Average reading a book a month (12 per year).
69. Read a graphic novel (suggestions anyone?).
70. Read one non-fiction book per year.
71. Read one of Shakespeare’s sonnets every month.
Check   72. Average seeing a new movie each month (12 per year; theater, DVD, or television). Complete
73. See all “Best Picture” Oscar nominees before the telecast if possible (they may not play here, and I won’t do horror or gory films).
Check   74. Watch Firefly (the series, probably borrowed from Ginny since she offered). Completed August 18, 2006
75. Host a stitching get-together at my house.
76. Start stitching again (defined: 5 hours per week for 3 consecutive months).
77. Finish A Midsummer Night’s Fairy (been a WIP for at least 5 years).
Check  78. Finish my beaded strawberry fob (again; I gave my first one away, then restarted it before Luke was born). Completed August 2008
79. Make a temari every 6 months, each one a different pattern.
80. Get cards for Christmas alphabet scrapbooks organized.
81. Make at least one Christmas alphabet scrapbook a year.
82. Re-learn to crochet and make an afghan for Luke.
83. Take a beginning quilting class.
84. Learn to set up the sewing machine and sew a straight seam.
85. Make a quilt for Luke (I already have the fabric).
86. Ride a new roller coaster.
87. Learn a new card game.
88. Learn to juggle (I gave DH a learning kit for Christmas; defined: juggle 3 balls for 1 minute).


Check   89. Correct my Social Security information (just found out part of it is wrong). Completed June 26, 2006 (confirmed)
Check   90. Renew my passport. Completed August 2006
Check  91. Get a copy of my own birth certificate. Completed June 23,2006Check  
92. Back up the computers every 6 months (at least). CompleteCheck  
93. Burn digital photos to CD every 6 months. Complete
Check   94. Try Firefox (the browser). Completed April 4, 2006
95. Update DH’s wardrobe matrix (don’t ask) every year.
Check   96. Have our foundation inspected. Completed May 2008
97. Get my bedroom tidy and organized.
98. Clean out my drawers and closet; get rid of clothes I don’t wear.
Check   99. Box up the clothes Luke has outgrown. Completed November 2007
Check  100. Frame my Disney lithograph that has been sitting in the closet for over a year. Completed June 6, 2006
Check  101. When 1001 days are up, update this list, then make a new list, including carrying over any of these not completed. 🙂 Completed December 2008

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  • Unknown

    You’ve done a lot of things! I didn’t ever start one of those lists, but maybe I should……

    Depending on where you are – perhaps you could add “attend a roller derby match” 😉 There are teams all over the place and while it is not a MAJOR sport it is quickly moving up in the ranks!