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13 Going on 30

In a Nutshell: Very cute film, absolutely worth seeing! Jennifer Garner is delightful. Even given its similarities to Tom Hanks’ Big, it still has its own charm and its own points to make.

Quick Plot: Jenna makes a wish on her 13th birthday, and wakes up the next day “30, flirty, and thriving.” She remembers nothing of the last 17 years, and looks up an old middle school pal to try and figure out what she’s been up to, and where she is going in life.

In Detail: I am so glad I finally saw this movie. People kept telling me I would like it, and they were right. Very cute, very sweet, very well done. I was totally amazed by Jennifer Garner. I don’t know if this film reflects her personality at all, but I totally believed she was looking at the world as though she were 13. Even the nuances of being a “tween” in the 80s were perfectly carried (not surprising, since I guess she was that age in that era). I was also quite charmed by Mark Ruffalo, which makes me much more interested in seeing Just Like Heaven (aka the new Reese Witherspoon movie). A somewhat chick-flick, definitely feel good flick worth watching if you ever get the chance.

Will I Buy It? Perhaps. I don’t buy a lot of these types of films, as they do start to get repetitive, and I’m not in the mood to rewatch them often, but this one certainly has potential. We’ll see how many times I look into the DVD case and say “I wish we had 13 Going on 30” before I decide.