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A Movie Musings Short: Spider-Man 3

We just got back from seeing Spider-Man 3. (Yes, we really did. Caught the 9:15 AM showing. There were maybe 10 people there; it was heaven!) I liked it more than DH, who was a reader of the comic. Sure it had some majorly huge plot holes, but it also had some very good moments that I liked a lot. Need to see 2 again to decide which I liked better (no contest for DH; he prefers 2).


  • geeky Heather

    Here are my comments:
    1) Toby McGuire looks terrible with eyeliner.
    2) Franco is way cuter than Toby (even without eyeliner).
    3) This is, by far, the best handling of having 3 villains in one superhero movie that I’ve ever seen. That was my biggest worry going in!!

    Glad you got to see it so soon!