Meows,  Rainbow Bridge

All about the kitties….

Okay, let’s try this again, shall we? Lesson learned: type blog posts elsewhere, then copy and paste. That way if it does glitch, I still have my post.

Thanks to Jennie for letting me borrow her “Cast of Characters” idea. I thought it was a great way to briefly explain to those reading my blog who the main people I talk about lots are. Keep it at the top, so it’s always there, near what you’re reading.

Now, since I didn’t really post yesterday, I’ll make up for it today. I’m going to be brave and let y’all see just a little bit of exactly how kooky I can be. I normally keep that side of me hidden from casual observers so they don’t think I’m totally off my rocker. But, since this is a place for me to babble, I don’t think I’ll be able to be on here day in and day out without the occasional reference to the KFC (see left). KFC = Kitty Financial Committee. The members and their respective titles are listed, as well as their Dragon Ninja ranks (we’ll get to that in a sec).

How did the KFC come to be? Well, DH and I are DINK: double income, no kids. We enjoy having money and spending money (we also save quite a bit). One day, after a fairly large spending spree (probably at Best Buy, whom we single-handedly keep in business), I commented that the kitties were going to be upset that we were spending so much money on us and not them. DH made some comment along the lines of “they’ll probably shut off access to the bank account,” And thus, the Kitty Financial Committee was born. We now have monthly KFC reports (check/bill reconciliation, spending tracking), as well as a Special Funding Proposal Sheet (budget planning sheet for large items or trips). It’s just a way to keep finances fun. Shadow is KFC President, Bengal is First Bites Officer, Tigger is the Secretary of Cuteness, and Cleo is the Executive Officer In Charge of Radishes (that comes from an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation; extra points if you know which one!).

As for Dragon Ninjas, well, I have to go back to my mother-in-law and her dog. See, Nappy (yes, her registered cocker spaniel is named Nappy) has the habit of doing the typical animal “jump up and growl/bark at nothing” thing, and MIL decided that he was really protecting the house from elephants. “You don’t see any around here, now do you? He must be doing his job!” Well, after we got Shadow and she started doing the same thing (jump up and race off into another room for no reason, as cats tend to do), we figured she couldn’t be after elephants. Nappy had that market covered. Must be dragons! Thus, Shadow became a Dragon Ninja. When we got Bengal and Tigger as kittens (they were 6 weeks old, Shadow was about 9 months), they were too young/small to be full fledged Dragon Ninjas. Apprentice levels must have some other name, so DH came up with Flying Japanese Sand Tigers (don’t ask, I haven’t the faintest clue where it came from). When Cleo joined us a year ago, she was, shall we say, not on friendly terms with “The Big Three,” so she has not been accepted into the novice level of Dragon Ninja training (read: we haven’t come up with a good name yet; I’m open to suggestions!). She is significantly better now, thus she was accepted as a member of the KFC on her one year anniversary (I saw that particular episode of ST:TNG and died laughing when I heard that title; it just fits her so well), but she’ll have to catch herself a dragon or two before she gets to join the DN ranks.

Did I mention they also have “Indian Names”? I hope no one is offended by that. I’m not trying to be flippant. I have always thought it was an intriguing idea to be named for a characteristic or great deed, the way Native Americans (and I’m sure other cultures) do. Bengal is a BIG kitty; 15 pounds and not overweight at all. Just huge! He is also our only long haired kitty, so his tail is rather puffy, and he walks around with it sticking straight up. So, Steve started referring to him as “Great Big Fluffy Tail,” and one night when he said it, he looked at me and commented “that sounds like an Indian name.” So now they *all* have to have Indian names (in addition to the dozen or so other nicknames we have for them). Tigger is “Dances With Milk Rings,” Cleo is “Hisses At Thin Air,” and Shadow’s (which we admit is not very good, but we haven’t come up with anything better) is “Wall Spirit Shaman.” (She will just stare at the walls and/or ceiling for several minutes at a time, so we decided she must be communing with the wall (or ceiling) spirits.)

Okay, now that you all think we are totally nuts (we’re really not) and obsessed with our cats (well, maybe a little; they are essentially our kids), I think I’ll go now. Shadow says that the wall spirits are demanding sacrifices to their feline representatives, preferably in the form of the chicken DH and I are having for dinner.