Feeling rather unfocused

As the eye doctor says, “which is better, one or two?” Um, neither? I wanna go home! Just sit there and veg. I just don’t feel very “with it” today. I can’t concentrate on anything, especially work. Thankfully, it is an incredibly slow day, and I have nothing due in the near to immediate future. I’m just bouncing off the walls, like I’ve had a Coke or something (the soda kind, you sillies). Trust me, I haven’t! Anything besides water and orange juice are big no-nos, due to my kidney stone problem. A Coke sure does sound good, though….

I also have no weekend plans. DH will be buried in his studies for the Professional Engineering (PE) exam, which is in two weeks. Wow, that test seemed so far away when we got married 5 years ago, and here it is, right on top of us! For those who don’t know about the PE, it is the test you have to pass to be a certified professional engineer. It’s like the Bar exam for lawyers. Once he is certified, he will be able to sign off on his own bridge designs, without having to have another PE review and sign them for him. (That’s not to say that the designs won’t be reviewed! Of course they will, but they will have his name on them, not his supervisor’s name.) Also means a slight pay raise and a bonus. Gotta love that!

So, while he’s doing all that studying, I’ll probably be stitching. Didn’t do any last night, but I did do some charting for my ornaments for the exchange I will be participating in. I think November 8 is the deadline to have them done. Must get hopping!