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An RAK thank you

I feel like I’ve said this before, but in case anyone doesn’t know, an RAK is a “random act of kindness.” It is someone bestowing something on someone for no apparent reason, simply out of kindness. I received one today, and I have to thank the sender publicly.

Shalini and I have been friends for, oh, 4 years or so, and though we have never met in person (I really will get up to Washington, DC, one of these days!), I consider her a good friend. We bonded during the fading tide of the stitching BB baby boom with due dates that were within days of each other, or perhaps even the same (I can’t remember now, isn’t that terrible?). And we both gave birth to sons via c-sections after failed inductions! And then, we both got into digital scrapping around the same time. So, lots in common! LOL We’ve kept in touch on and off via email, though when things get busy, one or the other of us is usually rather quiet. It’s her turn to be quiet right now, and I’ve been thinking for a couple of weeks now that I really need to check in with her since I hadn’t heard from her in a while, but I’ve just been swamped with work (I know, that is a *terrible* excuse).

So imagine my surprise when I received a note from a digital scrapping designer (with whom I have had no prior contact, so she doesn’t know me from Adam) offering me an as-yet unreleased Renaissance themed kit for free. The whole kit! Just because “a little birdie” told her that I might be in need of one given last weekend’s outing. I know Shalini is on this lady’s creative team (a group of people who make layouts using a designer’s upcoming kits to show them off in the galleries); that is the only way this email could have come my way, particularly given that I have scrapped virtually nothing in the last year. It was such a sweet gesture, and very generous on the designer’s part (Miki Ferkul of Microferk Designs, BTW; her stuff is absolutely gorgeous!). It really and truly made my day. Thank you so much, Shalini! You really made me feel special.

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  • Shalini

    Ack! You’re making me come out of my shell. I’m still hibernating. LOL

    {{hugs}} Miki is incredibly generous. The kit is gorgeous. Hope you enjoy it.