Infant and Toddler

Another fever (and some scrapping)

Daycare called us at 3:15 Friday afternoon to report Luke was running a fever of 102. He felt hot as a firecracker, and his face was red (and not from playing or anything). But he seemed to feel fine. He even had quite an appetite for dinner Friday night. I hoped it was just a small bug and would go away. Well, he woke up with virtually no fever this morning (99 degrees), but he fussed. All. Day. Long. But since he’s not talking, we have no idea if and/or where he’s hurting, or if he’s just tired. He hardly ate all day. He did perk up a bit right at the end of the evening, including laser-blasting everything in sight (a good sign, since he watched almost all of Star Wars today without a single laser-blast or light saber reenactment; highly unusual!), so we’ll see how he feels tomorrow before deciding what to do about a doctor on Monday.

In other news, I’ve been quite the busy scrapper here in January. I’ve done 9 layouts! Wow, even I didn’t realize it was that many until I just sat here and counted. I’ll get them all posted here eventually.