Conversations With Luke,  Elementary School

Assistance: A Conversation With Luke

Luke has been a tremendous help since I’ve been on crutches. He has been so great about helping me, especially to get in and out of the car when DH drops me off or picks me up near the door of a restaurant or store. Tonight, before bed….

  • Luke: I want Bengal to sleep in my room tonight.
  • DH: Luke, you know we don’t leave the bedroom doors open at night. Not even Mommy and Daddy let the cats sleep with us.
  • Luke: But you let the cats sleep with you every night!
  • DH: That’s only while Mommy is hurt and sleeping in the other room. I can hear you over the monitor if you need me, but I have to leave the door open so I can hear Mommy in case she needs me.
  • Luke: But what if she needs me?
  • DH: If Mommy needs you, I promise I will come and get you.
  • Me: Awwwwww! ::sniff sniff::