Conversations With Luke,  Elementary School

Film Credits: A Conversation With Luke

We were watching a movie from 1996 on the DVR. It starts with the studio logo, then does a short 2-3 minute opening “set up scene”, then the opening credits started rolling. Luke was playing with the remote, and suddenly, the movie cut off….

  • Me: What happened?
  • Luke: I pressed the wrong button.
  • Me: What were you trying to do?
  • Luke: Check to see how much it had left.
  • Me (confused): How much it had left of what?
  • Luke (also confused): Why was it so short? They were showing the names at the end. I thought it was long movie.
  • Me (trying hard to stop laughing): Honey, back in “the old days” when this movie was made, they put the credits at the beginning and the end, not just at the end like they do now.
  • Luke (very happy): Oh, so there’s more?
  • Me (still laughing): Yes, there’s another hour and a half. Turn it back on.