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Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle is the latest offering from the DCU (yes, they have officially switched to that from DCEU, probably since James Gunn took over). They’re trying, y’all. They really are. And they’re getting closer! This one was good enough that I can’t quite tell you why it wasn’t fully satisfying. I really enjoyed the chemistry among and between the cast; they really did feel like a family. Everyone took their role seriously but not too seriously. This one is a little more “comic book-y” and less deadly serious than many of its predecessors, but I didn’t have quite as much fun as I should have, especially for an origin story. They had all of the right pieces, and it mostly worked, just not quite 100%. A+ for effort, though.

Some of it was the humor. If you have read my reviews for any amount of time, you know that I have a fairly particular and (apparently) not very common sense of humor. And I can see where, if you like this style of humor, you would have found this move quite funny; we just didn’t. Plenty of smiles, and a couple of laugh out loud moments, though as is often the case, we were the only ones laughing at those points. [shrug] I will say that they completely RUINED one perfect moment by putting it on the previews; had that moment/reveal waited for the theater release, it would have been perfection. STOP PUTTING ALL THE GOOD STUFF IN THE TRAILERS!! Thank you. Even most of the fight sequences were fun and creative (though the final one did get a bit tedious). The music department earns a gold star for fitting in Mötley Crüe’s “Kickstart My Heart,” and Nana steals every scene she features in!

Overall enjoyable, and I definitely look forward to seeing this entire cast together again for the next one. Hopefully they can fix whatever the issues are that I can feel but can’t clearly define, though “chapter two” of any film series is always difficult. I also wish them luck surviving all of the huge sweeping changes going on over at DC/Warner Brothers. I really do hope they make it. They have all the right pieces, and they’re *almost* there!