Digital Scrapping

Does this make me a “real” scrapper?

I bought a paper trimmer. Guess I’m a “real” scrapper now? No one get excited. I’m not converting to paper scrapping. I bought it to trim my two very late CD calendars, and all I can think is “WHY didn’t I buy that sooner?!” It was so way much easier than trying to trim by hand with scissors. But now I have it for next year’s calendars. Oh yes, there will be more. They were such a huge hit, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

I’ve had a couple of people say they have difficulty imagining how the CD calendars work. Here are the instructions I included with each one:

CD Case Calendar Instructions

  • Carefully remove the lid from the CD case, making sure you do not snap off the holding tabs.
  • Turn the bottom of the CD case upside down, and reattach the CD case lid with the inside facing away from you.
  • Insert the appropriate monthly calendar page and enjoy!

And here is a picture of one all set up (I removed the black “holder” part of the case before mailing the calendars):