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Don’t Look Up

Don’t Look Up (2021) – Not funny. I mean that on multiple levels. First off, it should fall under “it’s funny because it’s true,” but I genuinely feel like it’s much too true to be funny in many places. There’s satire, and then there’s commentary that should be funny but ends up feeling sad and frustrating, because its speculation hits too close to home. But it also just wasn’t our type of humor. I knew going in that some of it would not be, but mostly the whole movie was that way. A smile or small chuckle here or there, a couple of gasps when I realized who some of the actors were (I truly did not recognize Cate Blanchett when they first showed her, and it took me a couple more minutes after I realized it to convince my husband; he truly didn’t believe it was her!). We did both have a good out-loud laugh at the very end (mid-credit scene) because it was an exceptionally timed callback from a timing perspective (leave it to Mark Rylance!), but that was it. For the record, there is also an after-credit scene that was just meh. I do admit that the dinner table scene at the end was truly lovely, but the two hours getting there were not worth it, IMO. It was at least 30 minutes too long, more like an hour in my opinion. Every joke lasted too long and went on far longer than need be, especially when most of them weren’t funny to start with. Humor is so subjective and personal, so it might work for others, but it just wasn’t our cup of tea.