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The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy (2024) – You may recall from my Summer 2024 Movie Preview that the opening (and closing) words of my comments for this movie were “please be good, please be good, please be good.” I am thrilled to report that not only was it good, it was one of THE MOST FUN movies I have seen in a very long time. As anticipated, you really aren’t going to this movie for the plot, though there was a little bit more to it than I thought. It is definitely a fun look into some other aspects of movie making; it knows when to show you something real about how movies are made and when to poke fun at both itself and the industry. We also laughed. A LOT! Like might have missed a few lines because we were laughing so long and loud. You might be going to see it for the banter and chemistry between Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling, which was just as “sparkling” as you may have read.

But the real reason you should see this movie? The stunts. This is literally a movie not only about stuntmen, but made *by* stuntmen. Director David Leitch has over 80 stunt credits to his name, including Blade, Fight Club (Brad Pitt’s stunt double, in fact), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (show), a couple of Matrix films and a couple Jason Bourne films (making Ryan Gosling’s line about the bad guys doing some “Jason Bourne s***” even funnier). In fact, I’m pretty sure the script for this movie actually started as a meeting of a bunch of stuntmen where the topic of conversation was “what is a stunt you’ve always wanted to do.” They then took those stunts and wrote a movie around them. But it works remarkably well overall. The stunts are seriously impressive, as they should be. They are also mostly practical, and one even set a new world record for most vehicle “cannon rolls” with 8.5 rolls, besting the previous record of 7.5 set on Casino Royale. Several of the other stunts were equally outlandish and amazing. I particularly appreciated the spinning rig used for the “street surfing.” This movie also features the extensive use of foreshadowing and callbacks, which I love! Some you could see coming a mile away, but they slipped in a couple that were unexpected and absolutely hilarious. And DEFINITELY stay for the credits! It combines behind the scenes/making of footage (of the REAL stunt people) with a great stinger.

It’s a super fun movie with incredibly impressive stunts and some great banter. Turn off your brain, maybe have a spicy margarita and *not* a Shirley Temple (IYKYK), and enjoy the ride!

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