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Dune, Part Two

Dune, Part Two (2024) – So the guys and I were split on the original film. They didn’t really care for it and found it boring. I admit that Dune, Part One is “carefully paced,” but I still enjoyed it, and I was really looking forward to the second installment. The guys were as well, hoping that the sandworms could at least liven things up a bit. We were all disappointed. Dune, Part Two is not any more exciting than the first one, sandworms notwithstanding. Even I thought it was boring, and I’m generally okay with slower-paced films. I can’t really say what was wrong or how it could be improved, since overall the film is fine and the performances are good. Austin Butler and Florence Pugh were both excellent additions to the cast, but both also needed more screen time, IMO. I just didn’t really like it and found it difficult to keep my interest. I really wish I had more positive things to say about it. This is also the point in the conversation where I feel the need to point out that I have not (yet) read the book(s), so I don’t know if I would enjoy it more if I had. It’s definitely on my summer reading list.

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