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Men in Black II

In a Nutshell: Enjoyable, but the original is better. See the matinee or wait for video.

Quick Plot: An interstellar baddie from K’s past returns to find “the light” she believes was hidden there 25 years earlier by K. MIB cannot fight her without his help, so J collects his former partner in order to “de-neuralize” him and save the world, again.

In Detail: Comedies are always better when seen with a bunch of people, so if you want to see it, do so in the theater. Just don’t pay full price or you might be disappointed. Sadly, most of the best gags have been seen in the various trailers for the film. I found the ending to be quite blah, and the obvious opening for a sequel irked me a bit. My biggest problem with the film was the portrayal of J (Will Smith). The beginning of the film sets up J as the “it man” now that K (Tommy Lee Jones) is gone. Everyone respects, even reveres him. Once K does come back, he’s back to making rookie mistakes and comments like he did in the original. How does the return of K take away his competence as an agent? Anyway, the film is a bit uneven. Pay attention for brief, sometimes important, references to the first film (such as what happened to the coroner who became his partner at the end of the first film). Frank (the dog) steals the show; he should get a raise and definitely return for MIB3, which has already been confirmed by studios.

Will I Buy It? Haven’t decided yet. Might need to wait and rent it again before such a decision is made.