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Echo – Season 1

Echo – Very good! Good story, extremely well acted. Definitely a notch (or two) up on the violence scale from a typical Marvel. On par with Logan, I would say, in terms of the intensity of the violence (how it looks/what is shown), but much less frequent/constant. Still less than the original Daredevil series, so I did okay. And A+ on both the fight choreography *and* the filming of it! You could actually SEE what was going on. Well done! I want to give a particular shout out to the director giving a brief yet thorough close up of the stunning costume in the final episode. As someone who does handwork, the amount of effort and detail that went into it is incredible and rightfully deserved to be showcased.

There really isn’t any need to watch any “prerequisites” before watching Echo. It may be nice to know that both Kingpin (Fisk) and Daredevil are played by the same actors from the original Daredevil series, but you really don’t NEED to know that. Any other information – like from Hawkeye – is well recapped for you. It’s fine if you want to watch or rewatch them, particularly Hawkeye if you want to see the official introduction Maya Lopez into the MCU, but Echo really gives you everything you need to watch and understand just by jumping straight in.

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