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Just a blog, not a sales pitch

I had a friend comment to me (on Facebook) that she was surprised that I had restarted my blog, because I didn’t strike her as the type “to try and sell things to my friends.” I’m paraphrasing, but that was the basic point she was making. I was really caught off guard by that comment. Back when I was blogging regularly, people making money any money at all from their blogs was a fairly new thing, and certainly no one was doing it as a full time job. Most people, like me, were just babbling out into the ether, in case someone else cared or could relate. Only when she asked this question did I consciously realize that starting a blog (or other social media account) these day is often done for the sole and express purpose of making money, be it in small or large amounts.

Folks, that’s not what I’m here for. That’s not what I’m about. She’s right, I am just not the type. I have no problems rambling on and on about things I love (see also: movies, Disney, Microsoft Excel), but I am a terrible salesperson. I have no idea how to convince you to buy something, nor am I really interested in doing so. I can tell you why I like it, and if that makes you interested in said thing, then great! But I won’t know, nor will I get anything in return for talking about it or for you consequently investigating and/or buying the thing. It’s just not me. I don’t even have affiliate links on here (I don’t think; I used to have them for movies I recommended, but I don’t even do that anymore and haven’t for years). I’ve been blogging for over 20 years (ouch, that really hurt to type!), though I did have a rather lengthy hiatus for the last 10+ years, that I am slowly trying to fill in with missing major milestones and events. That’s really what I missed most about blogging, the writing outlet and the chronicle of what we had done and when. You can on Facebook to some extent, but it’s not as easy to find things once they’re more than a few weeks past. I haven’t been able to “consult the blog” in a decade, and I missed that.

So if you ever see me provide a link and say something like “check out my blog” or “link in my bio” or whatever, that’s just for your convenience. It’s not a trick to get you to visit my blog, because I don’t get anything for that. There should be no pop-ups, no affiliate links, no data collection (at least not by me), and no ads in the header, banner, sidebar, inline, anywhere. And for goodness sake, if you ARE getting any of those things, please tell me so I can figure out how to fix it! Because those things absolutely should not be here. It’s just a place to share my thoughts and my life; nothing more and nothing less.


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