TV Talk

Fall 2023 New Shows – The Irrational and Found

The Irrational – A psychology professor exploits his knowledge of people’s behaviors and thought processes to help with law enforcement investigations, particularly those involving his FBI agent ex-wife. We’re enjoying this so far. There’s also a nice “long term” thread through the episodes of him trying to remember details about a church bombing in which he was injured. It’s a nice balance of long term and episodic storytelling. Jesse L. Martin, who we’ve watched in 3 different series now, has such a great presence and can easily carry the show. The supporting characters are also fun, especially Travina Springer as his sister. She is a delight! Not the most unique show ever (very similar to Perception with Eric McCormack, which we also greatly enjoyed), but it’s fun nonetheless.

Found – A former kidnapping victim now runs her own firm that finds the missing that the police aren’t looking for, with the help of a secret and involuntary “consultant.” It has been very Interesting to watch it unfold, and the mix of characters is fascinating. They’re going for The Blacklist vibes, but I don’t see how it can work long term. The Blacklist worked because Red turned himself in for the express purpose of working the team, and this is NOT that. Not sure how they will keep it going, unless they just do without him going forward once the obvious happens. I was very surprised to see Brett Dalton (Grant Ward/Hive from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). Really hoping they settle on better facial hair for him soon! I don’t mind the beard necessarily, but the scraggly “looks like a bad 1970s mustache and then adds unkempt gunk across his chin, cheeks, and neck for no good reason” is a waste of his pretty face.