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Ghosts (US Version) – Seasons 1 and 2

Ghosts (US version) – This show was recommended to us by my brother. The first season was pretty fun. Not laugh out loud funny, but it made us smile and was even clever on occasion. I love that there are small references to previous episodes without necessarily carrying over a whole story line. We really enjoyed the ghost characters from the start, and “the living” grew on us over time. He told us to at least hang on until the backstories really got going, which started around the middle of Season 1. From there, things really took off, and we started enjoying everything immensely. Season 2 was even better, graduating to many laugh out loud moments. We ripped through both seasons in about 2 weeks (22-ish minutes times 30 episodes), and we have Season 3 ready to start recording when it premieres later in February.