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Forethought: A Conversation with Luke

Luke was looking at some of his Star Wars figures while in the back seat of the car. One of the figures was the black-clad Luke Skywalker from the Pit of Carkoon scene in Return of the Jedi.

  • Luke: Why he have a blaster? Why he not have his light saber?
  • DH: Because he gave his light saber to R2 to hold?
  • Luke: But why he have a blaster?
  • Me: Remember, he took the blaster from a guard so he could escape.
  • Luke: He used his light saber?
  • DH: Well, yes, he did, after R2 fired it up into the air for him to catch.
  • Me: Luke knew he would be captured and they would take away his light saber, so he asked R2 to hold it for him.
  • DH: He was planning ahead so he would have his light saber and be able to escape.
  • Luke: Why was his light saber on his head?