101 Things v5 - Countdown to 50

101 Things V5 – 83. Make A Bucket List

83. Make a bucket list of at least 25 items (cannot include more than 2 travel items from other lists)

Woohoo! I have completed an item from my current 101 Things in 1001 Days (Version 5) list. That was strangely much more difficult than I expected. I know I put at least 25 in the item, but I was really expecting to get at least 30. I didn’t think about it constantly or anything, but I also didn’t expect it to take nearly 90 days to come up with 26 things I want to do. And even then, some of them seem “too easy” to be on a bucket list, but I guess part of the point is to put on there all the things that you keep putting off (thus items like take a painting class). But it’s done!

Erin’s Bucket List

  1. Take a glass blowing class – I learned about these several years ago (not long before COVID-19 broke out, actually), and since then, I’ve had several friends try it. There is a studio here in Atlanta that does it, and I really want to!
  2. Take a painting class (oil or acrylic) – I have no idea if this is something I will be any good at, but there’s only one way to find out.
  3. Go up in a hot air balloon – Everyone I know who has done it has said it was absolutely amazing.
  4. Go zip lining – Seems like a pretty simple thing on the surface, right? There are plenty of them, just go do it! But there’s a bit more to it than that. For pretty much all zip lines, I am over the weight limit. So this is something that I really want to do but simply can’t right now. Hopefully one day, thus why it is on the list.
  5. Climb Stone Mountain – Same goes for this one. Sounds simple on the surface, but I am simply not capable of doing this right now. But it is sort of my ultimate goal: Climb Stone Mountain without feeling like I’m dying when I get to the top.
  6. Do the Turner Classic Movie cruise – TCM plus Disney cruising? I’m in!
  7. Biltmore House at Christmas – I’ve only been to the Biltmore once, and it was decades ago. I’ve always wanted to see it all decorated for Christmas.
  8. Walt Disney World at Christmas – I’m not stupid enough to go to WDW during the actual week of Christmas (or New Year’s), but I want to see everything decorated for Christmas so badly! And now that we are not slaves to the academic calendar, we can go in early December when all of the kiddos are still in school.
  9. Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown – Having been a baseball fan all my life, this is one place I feel like I just have to go.
  10. Baseball game at Wrigley Field – We’ve done Fenway, and it was amazing. Really want to do Wrigley as well.
  11. Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago – And if we’re going to be in Chicago anyway, seems silly to pass on the opportunity to see a real German U-Boat, right?
  12. See a major Hollywood star on Broadway – I had intended to take Luke (who has never been to NYC) to see Hugh Jackman in The Music Man for his 18th birthday in October 2022. Thanks to COVID-19, that obviously didn’t happen. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the next enticing opportunity.
  13. Go to the top of the Empire State Building – And if we’re going to be in New York anyway, I think it’s time I finally did this. I’ve been to NYC 3 times now and never done it. I know it’s the biggest cliche in the world, but I still feel like it’s something I need to do.
  14. Niagra Falls – I’ve actually been to Niagra Falls from the Canada side, but we only had time to walk out to the fence and back. I really want to spend more time there and do the boat! And see it from both sides (US and Canada).
  15. Spend more time in Newport RI – Visiting the mansions in Newport was on my “original” bucket list from back in my 20s, and I was fortunate enough to scratch it off the list in 2003. We visited Boston that year and spent our anniversary (July 4) on the Esplanade listening to the Boston Pops concert (another previous bucket list item), just like I had watched growing up. While we were up there, we rented a car for the day and drove out to Newport. It was such a lovely little place that I really want to go back up there and spend some more time just in Newport.
  16. Mackinack Island, MI – Yes, I am mainly familiar with it from Somewhere In Time, but that doesn’t make me want to go any less.
  17. Visit Branson – So many of my friends talk about all of the amazing acts in Branson. I was skeptical, until everyone in our cruise group in 2022 was SUPER excited that Buckets and Boards was going to be on of the acts on non-Disney show nights. “They perform in Branson.” Well, okay, but how good can they be? Holy sheep, they were SO FUN! So that definitely upped my opinion of the caliber of acts that Branson has, and it definitely made me more interested in visiting. And, you know, there’s also the Titanic museum. Just sayin’….
  18. See Cirque du Soleil’s O – Since the day I heard about Cirque du Soleil having a water show, I’ve wanted to see it. My mom saw it years ago, and she said it was beyond amazing.
  19. See a movie at the famous Chinese Theater in Hollywood – How can I call myself a movie fan and not want to do this?
  20. Chihuly Garden and Glass – I’ve always been fascinated by glass and glass art in general. Then my mind was blown when I discovered the work of Dale Chihuly and his glass artists. THEN I went to a Chihuly exhibit in person, and I was left speechless. I really want to see the actual place where it all happens in Seattle.
  21. Hawaii – I don’t know if I can survive Hawaii without burning to a crisp that close to the Equator, but I sure want to try.
  22. Cruise through the Panama Canal – This is one of those engineering marvels that nerdy me really wants to experience in person.
  23. Visit the southern hemisphere – Preferably on a cruise where I get to see Antarctica, but I’ll take it any way I can get it.
  24. Travel to see the Northern Lights – So there’s no way to actually guarantee that I will be able to see them (it’s sort of like the weather), but I will do all I can and plan a trip with that specific goal in mind.
  25. Winged Victory of Samothrace at the Louvre – One of my most favorite pieces of sculpture; I’ve been captivated by it since we learned about it in art history class in high school. I know most people want to go see “the other lady with the smile” when they say they want to visit the Louvre, but this is what I want to see most.
  26. Sistine Chapel at The Vatican – This is truly my dream. There is so much to see both at The Vatican and in Rome, but if I could only pick one single thing, this would be it. I truly hope to get there some day.