Conversations With Luke,  Infant and Toddler

Happiness: A Conversation with Luke

This is part of our conversation on the way home yesterday.

  • Luke: Mom, I not sad anymore, I happy!
  • Me: When were you sad?
  • Luke: Nooo! I happy now.
  • Me: Oh, okay. What kinds of things make you happy?
  • Luke: I happy after rest time.
  • Me: Rest time makes you happy?
  • Luke: Yeah (Me: Yesssss!)
  • Me: What else makes you happy?
  • Luke: I know [Luke-speak for “I don’t know.”]
  • Me: What about toys? Do toys make you happy?
  • Luke: Yeah, I like toys. Twinkle toys [Tinker Toys] and Star Wars toys, too!
  • Me: What about the kitties?
  • Luke: Kitties have mouse toys. Kitties don’t have Star Wars toys.
  • Me:

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