Cross Stitch

Hey, I’m stitching!

I have been in a major stitching slump for, oh, about 18 months now. No, really, I’m serious. I got on a really big reading kick, and stitching just didn’t interest me. I’ve actually been stitching for over a week straight, ignoring my books completely (even the new Diana Gabaldon!). I *should* be working on my ornaments for the exchange, but I’m not. I started a new project I picked up at CATS Hershey: a beaded strawberry scissor fob. It’s all Heather’s fault! I wouldn’t have even seen them if she hadn’t pointed them out. I’ll have to get her back for that somehow, maybe when we go to a retreat in Myrtle Beach in February. Hmmm…..

Anyway, I can’t believe how lovely the strawberry is turning out. It really is wonderful. I’ve done the entire front side and half of the back side. Unfortunately, I ran out of one color of beads, so I have to order more. They gave me two of one pack that I didn’t even use all of, and only one of this color, which is all gone. How frustrating! Since I only got half-way done, I was still in a stitching mood, so I tried my hand at the fancy top. It is a peyote stitched set of leaves. I’ve never done any kind of bead weaving (putting beads on cloth like the berry part doesn’t count), so I was a little nervous. But the directions were exceptionally clear, and I am quite good at following directions. Amazingly enough, it turned out *exactly* like it was supposed to! I couldn’t believe it! I don’t know why it should be surprising that I followed the directions and it turned out right, but I am. I guess it’s because this was my first ever attempt. Cool! Might have to do more of that type of thing (Annette and Heather will be thrilled, the KFC will not be happy). LOL