Me,  Misc Thoughts

Dream a little dream….

Actually, I’d settle for a little dream. I’ve been having too many big ones lately, and they are not leaving me very rested. It’s rather irksome, actually, to have been asleep for 3-4 hours and then wake up more tired than when I originally went to sleep. Thankfully, I can go back to sleep rather quickly, and the next set of 3-4 hours is usually quite restful, but 3-4 hours of good sleep is not enough to survive on. Well, not for now anyway. I think I won’t have much choice after children arrive.

Maybe my dreams are trying to make up for some of my current boredom. Nothing really interests me at the moment. Stitching was going pretty well until I ran out of beads (replacements have not arrived yet), but none of my other projects are speaking to me. None of my books currently strike my fancy, though I am “making” myself read a chapter or two every few nights. Work is boring, which is actually a good thing. (It will be hectic soon enough with end of year type things.) Even movies are only mildly interesting, and that’s scary. Maybe it’s because there’s nothing much out at the moment. Who knows?! And what’s worse is that I’m boring all of you with this.  I’ll snap out of it soon; I always do. In the mean time, I’ll try to find something to enjoy.

I have an excellent view of Piedmont Park from my cube window, and the trees should all start changing colors soon. It is glorious to watch. See? Feeling a little better already.