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HMES Senior Walk

A senior walk is something I hadn’t heard of until a few years ago when various friends with children older than Luke started posting about them. Basically, the graduating seniors return to their local elementary schools and walk the halls in cap and gown while the students and teachers line the hallway to cheer and clap. I volunteered as a “chaperone” (the only time I’ve gotten to do that in his school career!), and it was so fun and so sweet. I got to see some kids I haven’t seen probably since 5th grade! Even got pictures of Luke with his two best buds, one of whom (the one in black) ended up going to a different high school, so we were so excited to get to see him at the senior walk.

And I couldn’t help but dig up these pictures to compare of him and C. They have been friends since first grade, though they didn’t see each other in high school as much as any of us wanted (just both busy with different things). Left photo is them on the last day of 5th grade (at this school), right picture is from when they were on opposing basketball teams during 6th grade fall sports at a local church.