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Six Week Summary – March/April 2024

Sort of fell off the face of the earth there. I’ve had A LOT going on the past 6 weeks, some of which will be expanded upon in the (hopefully near) future. But here are the highlights (and lowlights):

  • I finished physical therapy for my knee, which was probably 90% better at the time (that phrasing sounds ominous, you say? yeah, keep reading….)
  • Luke came home for Spring Break; we didn’t do much but had a nice relaxing week
  • My mom had sudden shoulder surgery (she’s okay)
  • Baseball finally started!!!
  • Accidentally stumbled upon knowledge of something that happened to a friend; really threw me for a loop
  • Learned of sad circumstances for another friend; been trying to help in whatever small ways we can
  • Made a playlist (my first ever, at least since literal mix tapes were a thing) for our Ohio trip (see next bullet point) and pretty much fell down the music rabbit hole as though I haven’t listened to any music at all in about 30 years (oh wait, I really haven’t!), so I’ve been a little obsessed since then
  • Traveled to Ohio to see a long time friend and watch the Total Solar Eclipse from her backyard; she and I had actually been planning it for 7 years, since the last total solar eclipse near us in August 2017
  • Took the whole week and hit a few other fun places while we were “up that way”: Louisville Slugger Factory, Niagra Falls, visited a Frank Lloyd Wright house (our first!), National Baseball Hall of Fame, Hershey Chocolate World, plus met up with a couple of other friends for meals along the way while passing near them; will post more about those things (and the eclipse) when I have the time and energy (Note: pain is both physically *and* mentally exhausting! see next bullet point….)
  • While ascending the back stairs to enter my home for the first time in 9 days after our trip, the back of my right knee (yes, THAT knee) felt like it completely ripped apart and could no longer support any weight at all; I required crutches (still had mine from a decade ago with my ankle) to finish getting up the stairs and into the house
    • [Note: Yes, the timing was extremely frustrating, but it was also much better after the trip than in days, weeks, or even months prior, which would not have prevented traveling for the eclipse itself, but absolutely would have prevented any of the other fun things we did that week.]
  • Went back to the orthopedist (same one from “the mouse incident” back in January), who basically said (paraphrased super-short version): “given your existing arthritis and meniscus damage shown in the scans back in January, and combined with the x-rays we just took showing lots of new damage, your knee is now so completely ruined that only a knee replacement can fix it; it is pointless to do any treatment besides managing the pain via injections and physical therapy until you lose enough weight (BTW, that is 75-100 lbs, or 35-45 kg) to qualify for the procedure, and accomplishing that will be nearly impossible with a barely functional knee, so you should look into bariatric surgery immediately”; will document the long version of the story when I can (again, pain is exhausting)
    • [Note: No one is jumping into anything or making any decisions until I can talk with my regular doctor, who I have not seen or talked to since I was told the above by the orthopedist last week. I have an appointment with her next month.]
  • Since I’m literally just sitting around waiting to stop hurting enough to be able to walk again, and given my newly rekindled love of music, I have now gone through every Ed Sheeran album, listened to (all 31(!) songs of) Taylor Swift’s new album (and I’ll get to others of hers), I’m about to start on Beyoncé’s discography, to then be followed by Adele’s discography. Though I had heard a few songs by each of these artists on the radio and whatnot, I had never sat down to purposely *listen* to any of their music before. Again, will blog more about it later.

So. . . yeah. . . It’s been an. . . eventful 6 weeks. I hope yours have been at least as fun and a lot less painful.

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