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June 2024 – The TL;DR Version

Yes, I know June isn’t quite over, but I’m ready to just skip ahead, and I sincerely hope I have absolutely NOTHING to add to this list in the next 4 days. And yes, this really IS the short version!

Since we last “talked,” my life has definitely gotten… interesting? adventuresome? frustrating? challenging? Pick a word (no, words like relaxing or fun are NOT applicable choices). I’ll get you caught up with full details soon (be afraid, be very afraid! LOL), but here are the highlights from early in the month:

  • June 6 – Started watching Star Wars: The Acolyte
  • June 12 – Made a zillion doctor appointments for all 3 of us
  • June 13 – Saw Inside Out 2
  • June 15 – Started Season 2 of The Lazarus Project
  • June 16 – Steve leaves for his work conference in Indiana (this will be relevant momentarily); Luke and I visit my parents overnight for Father’s Day

And here are the highlights – or lowlights – of the past 8 days, June 18-26. Yes, every single one of these have happened in the last 8 days!!!

  • June 18 – The air conditioner is running but not cooling as well as usual; I hope I can stick it out until Steve comes home on Friday, since we already have a maintenance appointment scheduled for the following Wednesday; if nothing else, we can go to my parents for a few days (this notion will become laughable shortly)
  • June 19 – I think the A/C has stopped cooling, but it’s only 75 degrees in the house; it can wait
  • June 20, first thing in the morning – I see a number that starts with a 2 (instead of a 3) on the scale for the first time since sometime in 2020! I am super excited and can’t wait to tell people!!!
  • June 20, about 5 minutes after stepping on the scale and experiencing what I *thought* would be the most exciting part of my day/week: Steve texts that he has tested positive for COVID. IN INDIANA!! So he can’t fly home the next day (Friday) as scheduled.
  • June 20, afternoon (about 4 hours after talking with Steve after his positive COVID test) – Mom drives up from Macon, then she, Luke, and I drive to Lexington, KY to spend the night and pick up Steve the next day (didn’t want Luke or Mom making the return drive alone; this was the compromise); I book a rental car for Steve to pick up in Indiana in the morning; Zepbound refill comes through much sooner than expected, so have to get friend to pick it up since they won’t hold it more than 24 hours, and we won’t be back in time
  • June 21 – Steve picks up the car with no issues and heads for Lexington (oh no, that’s not the end of the rental car part of the story; just wait); Mom and Luke head back to Atlanta in the morning (you should have seen the “adventure” that was trying to get gas before leaving Lexington; NOTHING has been easy this past week, y’all; absolutely nothing); Steve gets the car successfully, drives to Lexington to pick me up, and we take turns driving home; Luke, Steve, and I are quarantined in separate rooms of the (now very warm) house
  • June 22 (Saturday) – It reaches 85 degrees inside our house, we call the repair company for an emergency weekend visit, who says it is a broken motor on the A/C and they need to order the part, can give us an ETA on Monday if it isn’t available locally; we buy one portable air conditioner and borrow a second, Luke stays in the basement where it is relatively cooler, but still about 78 degrees
  • June 23 – I have one negative COVID test; need 3 spaced 48 hours apart, per Dr. Warren my epidemiologist brother, to consider myself not infected from being in the car with Steve for hours on Friday; discover that nearly an entire box of fabulous yummy not-cheap cookies has molded from sitting on the counter in the heat and humidity of my kitchen (we had only eaten 3 of the 36)
  • June 24, morning – Invoice from car rental company is for more than double what the agreement said; we expected some up charges for whatever, but this is too much to just pay and move on; it did eventually get fixed, but it was just One. More. Thing. in this already very long list that will only keep getting longer (not that we knew that at the time)
  • June 24, afternoon – Repair company reports that the A/C motor is backordered with the manufacturer, so no one has any idea when it will be available; they hope to maybe have have some idea of when one might be ready to ship “by the end of the week” (note that the high temps for the next several days will be close to 100 F/ 38 C !!); I reschedule Steve’s 2 appointments and hope Luke and I can keep ours
  • June 24, evening – Steve is still testing positive for COVID
  • June 25 – I have a second negative COVID test (woohoo, a tiny bit of good news)
  • June 26, early morning – Tried to book the Disney Cruise Line April 2026 Panama Canal cruise (first one they’ve offered since 2022), which turned into a whole saga (just like everything else in the last week); all’s well that ends well and we did get a stateroom, but it wasn’t a fun morning
  • June 26, late morning – Steve is still testing positive for COVID, is still running a low fever, and is actually regressing slightly (which I think is because he is working full work days and definitely NOT taking it easy, though he did take a nap today after lunch)
  • June 26, afternoon – Luke and I (masked up) go to his first non-pediatrician “adult” doctor appointment to establish him as a new patient and get a routine physical (he asked me to go and wait in the lobby, just in case); discover when we arrive that they made the appointment for the wrong office (yes, I specified this particular office – multiple times – when I called); squeezed us in at the office where we were with the provider who was in, but still! just “one more thing”….
  • June 26, evening – Blog transfer continues to be an issue, even after I purchased additional bandwidth from my host earlier in the week (which didn’t even rate a mention in all of the “events” above); we pay for another thing that thankfully FINALLY works, and Melissa gets this blog transferred after numerous attempts over the past several days; changing the domain to “point” to the new host isn’t as easy as it should have been because I don’t quite know what I’m doing (but she was very patient with me!), and it takes a bit to propagate, but it’s finally done!!

NOTE: IT HAS BEEN A MERE 8 DAYS SINCE STEVE TEXTED SAYING HE HAS COVID!!! (Yes, I’m shouting!) Are you exhausted from reading all of that? Trust me, living it (read: surviving it) was much worse. And one final note:

  • June 27 (tomorrow) – Luke and I will take COVID tests first thing in the morning, and assuming we’re both negative (he’s been pretty much isolated from Steve the entire time, so one test for him is fine), we will proceed with our scheduled eye appointments later that morning (yes, I rescheduled Steve’s), since all of our prescriptions are at least 3 years old and none of us can see squat right now

So help me, if we test positive, or if we get there and something – anything! – goes wrong, I just might have a complete breakdown right in the middle of the optometrist office.

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