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Can you hear me now?

Or should that be “can you hear me meow?” Sorry, I’ll try to keep the cat jokes to a minimum, but it IS sitting up there in the title.

“Hey Erin,” I can hear you asking, “what happened to MovieMuse and your Blogspot blog?” Well, after literally decades of going by “MovieMuse,” and having that user name in multiple places (but sadly not everywhere), I have finally accepted that there was no chance I will ever be able to buy the domain name of, since people now purchase and hold them as investments. There’s nothing there, but the name has been owned for years and years. Last time I asked (about 5 years ago), the owner was asking $10K for it. Um, that would be a nope! Time to find a new handle, or at least find a domain name I like (besides just my straight up name, which I own but don’t want to use for reasons I can’t really explain). All of the “how to pick a domain name” articles talk about using things you love, so… Movies and Meows it is.

BTW, in case you didn’t know, everyone who says “use WordPress, it’s so easy” is lying! Teaching someone who learned to hard code HTML by hand (shh, we will NOT discuss how long ago that was) how to do all of … [gestures around at everything] … this is difficult. Plus it’s late and I have no desire to watch a bunch of YouTube videos or read a bunch of guides right now. Hopefully it will make sense eventually, but it will probably have to wait until I have more time. Like after L ships off for college! But I want to document that. Decisions, decisions! Time will tell. But for now, I need to head to bed. Orientation is tomorrow. EEK!!

I am proud of the logo, though, which I designed myself. I bought (non-exclusive rights) the “M” on the right with the cat image in the center, and I duplicated and modified it to create the “M” on the left. I thought it turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself! What say you? Leave me a comment if you’d like! (But seriously, please do leave a comment for me, just so I can test that feature. Again, just trying to learn. Thanks!)

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