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Knee Update: PT Has Started

Physical therapy started yesterday for my knee. He was pretty impressed with my range of motion. Bending the knee isn’t really a problem, it’s straightening it to the point of locking the knee that is the issue. I can get it mostly straight, but that last little bit isn’t there, and it’s affecting my gait, which is in turn affecting other things, like my hips and the ball of my left foot.

Exercises started with the recumbent bike with the seat adjusted so that I had to fully extend my legs to get the pedals around (for “normal” use, the seat would be a tad closer than that). That was followed by “table work,” laying on my back to do the rest. I did full leg lifts (from the hip), angled lower leg lifts from the knee with a pillow under my knee, pelvic raises, moving the medicine ball in and out with my feet resting on top of it (probably 18-24 inches tall, 45-60 cm), and the hardest one: straightening my leg all the way out, and then pressing the back of my knee into the table. Um, OOOWWW!!!

I also drove for the first time since “the mouse incident,” which was fine on the way there, but after PT, it was quite uncomfortable. He did tell me to expect some soreness, and he was right. I don’t have any home exercises to do, and I don’t have any restrictions. Just “listen to” my knee, rest it when it says it’s tired/sore, if something causes pain then stop doing that, etc.

I’m supposed to go out of town next week, but we’ll have to see how my knee does after a longer drive, which is coming up this weekend.

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