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Car Swap

Finally got to see my other Valentine today. On Wednesday, Steve and I were supposed to see Dune: Part One at the movie theater, but even though we had checked the times over the weekend and it showed Dune playing on Wednesday, they apparently changed the schedule by the time Valentine’s Day actually arrived. So we had to find some place to have dinner that didn’t need a reservation! Um….

Cracker Barrel to the rescue. They were certainly busier than usual for a weeknight, but we were seated immediately. We even had a candlelight dinner! (Candlelight, lamplight, whose counting?) But good food and good company, so it’s hard to ask for more than that.

I didn’t get to see my other Valentine until Saturday when we drove to Kennesaw to swap cars. Well, we didn’t exactly swap. Does it count as borrowing if it’s actually our car? I’ll be heading out of town this coming week and didn’t want to strand Steve without a vehicle. Took Luke to lunch at Sonny’s, followed by ice cream at Dairy Queen. All seems well with him, as much as you can tell when getting information is like pulling teeth.

Can’t say driving home was much fun, though. Stop and go traffic nearly the whole way, and my knee was NOT happy by the time we got home. It’s actually seriously making me rethink whether or not I can drive myself 8-ish hours alone. Better decide quick, though, since I’m supposed to leave Wednesday.

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