Blogging About Blogging,  Me

My first “real” blog entry…..

Time for a real Blog entry, don’t you think? Let’s start with the basics: who am I and why the heck do I have this on the web.

My name is Erin. I’m a 27 year old industrial engineer who works for a large telecommunications company. I am married (5 years) to the most wonderful DH, and we are house staff to four cats (started out with two, and it just kinda grew). We hope to start trying for our first child very soon. I cross stitch, I read (mainly mystery and fantasy, but I’ll read most anything that interests me), and I *love* movies! I even write my own reviews (see “Erin’s Movie Musings” link at left). And, in case you couldn’t tell, I like parenthetical comments. They keep the written words as close to my actual thought processes as possible (very scary), and very similar to my speech patterns. Just another way for you to “get to know me.”

I’m mainly blogging as a way to force myself to keep some kind of journal. I’ve never been very good with the paper kind, but being a graduate of Georgia Tech, I’m a bit of a geek, so the electronic version appealed to me. I’ll be talking mainly about stitching, books, movies, family plans, and anything else I feel like pontificating on at the time. Just a place for me to babble. I hope you enjoy!