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Ocean’s 11 (2002)

In a Nutshell: Fun film, great cast. Didn’t love it, but liked it a lot. Definite rent!

Quick Plot: Danny Ocean, recently released from prison, gathers together a group of 11 to help knock off three of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas.

In Detail: A pretty good movie. Better than I can say for some I’ve seen lately! First of all, the cast is outstanding. Just to see all of these people in the same movie is worth the price of the rental. I’m not a particular George Clooney fan (don’t like or dislike him), but he was perfect for this role. I think it could have used a couple of extra twists, but that’s okay. I may have just lucked up figuring out the last couple in advance. Some good humor, some good tension, some good mystery, and some fabulous one liners! Certainly worth seeing.

Will I Buy It? Probably not. I prefer similar type films in other genres. Still good, though.