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Reign of Fire

In a Nutshell: Okay, but needed more dragons!

Quick Plot: Dragons, awakened after hundreds of years lying dormant, have obliterated most traces of life from the Earth. A small band of humans just try to survive, until a dragonslayer comes with the promise of hope and freedom from fiery terror. (Hey, I just made that up on the spot. Sounds pretty good, if I do say so myself!)

In Detail: Well, it certainly wasn’t the worst film I’ve ever seen, but not the best either. It had tension, it had humor (especially the little play they put on for the kids), it had awesome dragons. OTOH, the film is uneven and really really really needs more dragons! Almost every dragon shot in the film is in the trailer, so if the dragons are all you’re going for, be prepared. However, if you are interested in seeing it, do see it in the theater, because what little dragon awesomeness there is will be lost on the small screen. Their roar is bone chilling, and you hear it a good bit. Seeing them is scary as *&%$, but you just don’t see enough of them. We won’t even talk about the plot holes that are big enough to drive a truck (or in this case, a tank) through. And, on a more personal note, what the heck is the point of going to see a Matthew McConaughey movie if there’s no blonde curls and dimples to be found? He’s all buffed up with an awesome body, but I found it really hard to make that be him. Bummer. Bottom line: it’s a fun ride. See it in the theater if you’re a dragon lover, but don’t pay full price. Rental would be fine if it won’t hurt you to miss big-screen beasts.

Will I Buy It? Doubtful, unless the special edition adds *lots* more dragons.

UPDATE 10-29-2023: I actually watch this movie fairly frequently, for reasons I can’t adequately explain. There’s just something silly and fun about it. Is it a great movie? Not at all. Is it a good one? Depends on your definition. But I still enjoy it.