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Puddles and oceans

As I was listening to one of my favorite songs on the way home yesterday, it occurred to me that people reading my blog probably think I’m fairly shallow. I haven’t talked about anything heavy or deep so far, and I’ve kept my religious views to myself. But I do think about things a lot, both frivolous and deep. I contemplate God and the universe frequently, most often in my car by myself. So to anyone who may have thought that the extent of my interests were movies and cats, there is more. When I feel moved to discuss it here, I will. Just haven’t felt moved in that direction lately.

However, I would like to post the chorus to that song I spoke of, as it pretty much sums up my views on the world at the moment. With my future children (no, not yet) on my mind a lot recently, these words echo louder and louder. BTW, this is in no way a political statement, so please don’t take it as such. (I keep my views on politics even more private than my religious views.)

Pray for good and pray for love

Pray for peace and pray it’s enough

Pray for salvation

Pray that we’re right

Pray one day we open our eyes and

Pray for them and pray for us

Pray one day we can live as one

Pray for the children whose time is to come

Just pray they forgive us for the stupid things we’ve done

~from “Pray,” by Tina Cousins