Why am I being punished?!!

Oh, for %$#& sake! Now my laptop won’t boot. You know, the one one with all the Christmas recipes and menus (replaceable), my Christmas card list that I was going to finish up with this week (may or may not be replaceable), and the CD calendar that I spent the better part of 3 DAYS putting together back in October so that I wouldn’t have to scramble come December (don’t have the time to replace it at this point). WHY AM I BEING PUNISHED?!! Y’all put in a good word for me with whatever higher power you believe in, because I am seriously starting to think this punishment does not fit whatever crime the universe seems to feel that I committed.

I’ve rebooted, I’ve popped the battery and left it out for over an hour, I’ve done everything I can think of. The hard drive simply is not engaging when I press the power button, so I can’t even load it in safe mode to try and save anything (like pictures, which are all still (thankfully!) on cards that I have access to, but I still have to re-download and re-process them all). I’m so angry I’m in tears. I know life isn’t fair, but geez! I’VE HAD ENOUGH!!!

One Comment

  • Jenny

    Alright Universe – Listen up! Leave my friend Erin alone – she has had quite enough of your antics for the last bit… enough already.

    (Said in the most stern – I mean business tone – I could muster.)

    Hope that does the trick Erin.. (Hugs)