Digital Scrapping

The Slippery Slope

So, when last discussed, I was reviewing the virtues of digital scrapbooking, one of the primary virtues being that it is free if you stick to the freebies. Then I had a great email exchange with a scrapbooking designer. I complimented her newsletter tips and thanked her for the style of her work (appropriate for boys, which is hard to find), and she sent me an entire kit (that she hasn’t even put in the stores yet) for FREE! She said that she also had a little boy and she understood how hard it was to find good boy scrapping stuff, and she thought this one might work for me. (It is fantastic, BTW. Lots of plaids and blues and golds.) Just for being nice and saying something nice about her work. This is not a 10MB, 8 piece freebie. This is a 70MB whopper with 40 pieces NOT including the alphabet! I was completely floored. (And I will not give you her name, because I don’t want everyone to think that all they have to do is email her and she’ll give you a free kit. I’m sure it doesn’t work that way. But I will tell you that she designs for Scrap Outside the Box.)

So, to be nice and to thank her for her generosity, I decided to purchase some of her kits. There was even a half-off coupon in the newsletter, so I did really well! I was so happy sticking with freebies, but now that I’ve bought a few (and I adore them, I just haven’t had a chance to make anything out of them just yet), I can see me probably buying more. They are still incredibly well-priced, so it shouldn’t be a terribly expensive hobby (not like, say, stitching LOL). Yeah, I say that now. We’ll see how far I’ve sunk in this hole come next month!

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