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Treasure Planet

In a Nutshell: Perfectly watchable, if not spectacular.

Quick Plot: Read Treasure Island? ‘Nuff said. Haven’t read it? Me neither. A troubled teen named Jim finds a map to the mythical Treasure Planet. He and his benefactor, Dr. Doppler, set out in search of said planet, with a less than trustworthy crew. Will they find it before the pirates? Stay tuned.

In Detail: It was a fine movie, really. It was beautiful to watch, and I loved the Captain and Dr. Doppler. Captain Amelia’s appearance is made all the more comical when you realize who voices her. While I am normally a fan of the extraneous “comic relief” characters, Morph (think parrot) and B.E.N. just didn’t do it for me this time. The film itself was okay. I thought it seemed a bit disjointed for some reason, but I can’t really put my finger on why. I’ve never read the book; I’m wondering if it would have helped. While often criticized for this particular phenomenon, I think the film could have benefited from the characters breaking out into song on occasion. A well spend afternoon, all in all, though not destined to become one of my favorites. Keep your ears open for a fantastic Star Trek reference. And Disney, give up on the teen boy market. You’re trying to compete with video games, Harry Potter, and The Matrix; lay off and stick to what you do best: movies for children, with enough to keep the adults entertained as well. Let’s hope this film isn’t the death of “traditional” animation.

Will I Buy It? Most likely. You know I like to keep my collections complete, and I liked it fine.